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The Real Life Way

1. We Are Never Finished: We are grateful for what God has done in the past, but now 'God, do it again.

2. We've Got Your Back: We freely give honor to those above, beside, and under us because of the calling and potential that God has placed inside of them.

3. We Refuse to be Good: Good is the enemy of great. Excellence isn't a value; it is a necessity.

4. We are Better Together: We were not meant to do life alone. People are built to belong, living and doing life together. Either serving on a team or being involved with a               LifeGroup, we are better together.

5. Generosity: God made us a promise and we will take Him at His Word. Since generosity is a trust issue, we choose to believe God by leading the way in sacrificial giving. It is     not about what God wants from us, but what He wants for us.

6. It's Bigger than Us: The fact that it takes all of us to make Real Life a reality proves the fact that it is bigger than us as individuals. We will share, sacrifice and surrender all         because the MISSION is bigger than US.