get connected

If you have made a decision about baptism, want to join a life group, or if you want to take our Connect Class, on Sunday, visit our Connect Counter and speak with one of our staff member or volunteers.


Life Connect Track

Our Life Connect Track is a four week-series of classes designed to help you get familiar with who we are and what we're all about. New classes occur each month (excluding specialty months), and are the first step toward church partnership. See this page to view more info, schedules, and signup forms. 

Enrollment in the Life Connect Track can be completed here. These classes begin on the first Sunday of each month (excluding specialty months) and end on the fourth Sunday of each month (excluding specialty months). Sessions are held during the 10:00 am worship service each scheduled Sunday in the Life Connect Room (across from the cafe). Session attendance will in no way conflict with attendance at the Sunday Morning Worship Experience (8:30 am & 11:30 am services are still open)

Following your completion of the Life Connect Track, you will be given the opportunity to:

 - Became a partner with Real Life Church

 - Shadow like minded volunteers in areas best suited to fit your gift set

The Life Connect Track exists to help you get a better understanding of:

 - Who is Real Life Church?

 - What are our core values and beliefs?

 - What is spiritual maturity, and how can you achieve it?

 - What serving opportunities are available at Real Life Church, and where would you be most effective?

Life Connect Class

Join a life group

We were created as God's CHILDREN, which means we were not created to "do life" alone. Life Groups are a way to surround yourself with other like-minded believers, and build a community of positive relationships to grow with. Sign-up HERE.

Life Groups are formed through mutual interest, age, and other similarities. They are held at the Life Group Host's home, and are a chance to connect with peers to grow with. Life Groups occur regularly throughout the week, and cover a wide variety of topics including: 

- Predetermined curriculum based on the current sermon series 

- Relevant personal testimonies

- Bible studies


Get baptized

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision. 

If you would like to get baptized please speak with someone at our Connection Counter! We will be teaching on the meaning of water baptism and praying with you as you get ready to step into Christ's resurrection life through baptism. We have multiple opportunities to get baptized throughout the year -- members of our Connection Team will be able to give you more information.


Get Help

Where do we go when life hurts? Or when something comes along that’s too overwhelming to handle by ourself? Or when we're kind of stuck and need some directional counsel? That’s when we need some outside perspective from a wise confidant who really cares. RLC provides help at several levels. For more information on counseling services, or to set up an appointment with one of the counselors, please call the church office at 870.424.3483. or email us at