Ministries at RLC

As followers of Christ, we want to continue to GROW in our walk with Him and learn how better to reach out to those around us. Before joining a team, we ask that you take our Life Connect Track to learn more about Real Life Church and become a partner with us.


Connection team

The Connection team exists to create value in people by making them fee special, important, and showing them the love of Jesus Christ from the time they first pull in the parking lot through the follow-up process during the week.


-Time commitment is 30 minutes prior to service and 10 minutes following service.


Auditorium team

The Auditorium Team exists to introduce those that attend Real Life Church to Jesus Christ, from helping them find a seat to after service care.


-The team members serve in multiple areas in the auditorium.

-Altar training will be held periodically and only those who have completed the training will be able to serve in that area.

- Time commitment is 30 minutes prior to service- 10mins following service.


real life kids

The Real Life Kids team exists to help kids from birth to 5th grade KNOW who Jesus Christ is, GROW in their relationship with Jesus, and teach them to GO tell their world about Him.

-People-oriented and have a passion for kids.

-Time commitment is 30 minutes prior to service- the end of service.


Worship and tech team

-Worship team members are placed by audition only.

-Time commitment is all 3 services on the Sundays they are scheduled.


Real life youth


The Real Life Youth team exists to help High School, Junior High, and Middle School students know, grow, and fall in love with Jesus daily.

-People-oriented and have a passion for youth.

-Other serve times outside of Sunday mornings.

-Time commitment 30 mins prior to youth service -10 mins following. It varies in some areas or times.

- Real Life Youth meets on Wednesdays from 6-7:30 p.m.



campus support

This team serves a vital role as they support in the day-to-day task and mission of the Church. Serve areas within this team are maintenance, facility cleaning, admin, and weekday support.


-Sunday and other serve times.

-Time commitment varies.



media team

The media team exists to find, develop, and curate content (photography, graphic design, video production, web development) to reach one more through many. 

-Sunday and other serve times.

-Time commitment varies.